On January 1 2000 Technology Justice, L.L.C. (also known as TJI) was launched and is currently operating with over twenty (20) years of direct hands on information systems and technology experience. Six (6) years was attributed to work Mr. Payne expertly performed for his country in both the United States (U.S.) Navy (on board The Super Carrier," U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, CVN 72) and U.S. Department of Defense (Defense Information Systems Agency) in Washington, DC.*

TJI has many clients in metro Atlanta Georgia, Washington, D.C., Prince George's County Maryland, Northern Virginia, Greenville and Spartanburg South Carolina, Charlotte and Greensboro North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Los Angeles, California and Seattle, Washington. Accordingly, through TJI trademark righteous motto, commitment, expertise and experience we have established business alliances and relationships with each of our many clients that will last a lifetime and of whom have provided countless new client referrals! 

*These positions within the U.S. Government required Mr. Payne to actively maintain and possess a D.I.S.C.O., S.S.B.I. Top Secret security clearance. This fact alone should stand out to you in terms of Mr. Payne's character, integrity and his trustworthiness with access to your confidential and proprietary application data files, computer systems and network infrastructure.

Founder and CEO


In August of 1984 while at Bowie High School, Mr. Payne heard during a freshman seminar, this statement which would shape and lead him in this path of Information Systems and Technology. Quote: “It is not the computers that are going to run the world, it is the people who have knowledge and understanding of [computers] that are going to run the world.” This statement has been the driving force that initially propelled Mr. Payne thinking of a chosen career path, despite the boyhood dream to serve and protect in a career as a cop (i.e. a Prince George’s County, Maryland police officer). After graduating from Bowie High in 1988 Mr. Payne and with the advice of a U.S. Navy recruiter, took the A.S.V.A.B. military entrance exam test. An extremely high score in the technology section received by Mr. Payne led the U.S. Navy recruiter to offer Mr. Payne any of three (3) careers. Mr. Payne chose to be a “R.M. – Radioman of which the military N.E.C. rate code was 2350 which is identical to the rate code it is now for the U.S. Navy = “I.T” – Information Technology. After boot camp Mr. Payne excelled in R.M. “A” school and upon graduation was awarded a staff position onboard the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln (C.V.N. -72).This position required Mr. Payne to undergo a background investigation which led him to receive a Top Secret Security Clearance (S.S.B.I.). While onboard the Lincoln, Mr. Payne was staff R.M. assigned to the Commanding Officer, Captain, William B. Hayden. In this position Mr. Payne performed in many specialized tasks and assignments during his rotating 12 hour shifts relating to all aspects of communications, Morse code, cryptography, patch paneling of satellite circuitry, satellite communications relaying with landline communications. Essentially, Mr. Payne learned the ground work of both computers and networking as was designed by the United States Defense Department. While off duty, Mr. Payne was injured by a drunk driver in December of 1989 which would be the determining reason a medical board concluded the injuries would only get worse while serving onboard the Lincoln and rendered him “non sea worthy” an essential requirement of any United States sailor. Therefore Mr. Payne received an honorable discharge from the United States Navy for medical reasons.

After being medically discharged and still with an S.S.B.I. Top Secret Security Clearance, Mr. Payne went to work for Validity Corporation, [then] a major Defense Department contractor with contracts with the Joint Interoperability Test Center (J.I.T.C.), a division of the Defense Information Systems Agency (D.I.S.A.). While employed with Validity, Mr. Payne was on and lead several projects of advanced hardware and software design and deployment related to land based encrypted communications and ship board based encrypted communications; both local area and wide area networking. This included, but was not limited to, early generation Microsoft, Cisco, Symantec, and Defense Department proprietary technologies. This valuable hands on experience with Validity led Mr. Payne to move his career from the D.I.S.A. to corporate America. While in several positions in corporate America Mr. Payne either led or participated in general and specialized technologies of the Information Systems and Technology industry. On January 1st, 2000 Mr. Payne, on faith launched Technology Justice, LLC.